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About Bob Tusky's

Consider Us as the Most Trustable Repair Company

We have been serving our clients for many years. Our Heating & cooling services have been offering residents all across the country dependable and high-quality HVAC services for many years. Our top objective is to give each and every one of our client's outstanding service and honest work. We always provide excellent service, uphold a strict code of ethics, show consumers respect and honesty, and set fair prices. So, allow us to serve you efficiently.

Our Mission

We commit to treating your time and possessions with respect. We promise to be on time and prepared to handle practically any issue on the initial visit. We make them available round the clock to serve our clients in an appropriate manner.

Our Vision

We go over your alternatives before beginning any work, so you are fully aware of what you are getting and the associated costs. We also offer some special discounts to our customers so they can avail of some reliable services at a reasonable price.

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Get to Know Better About Our Services

We try our best to solve all the problems of our clients in the most effective way. You just have to contact us to maintain your appliances.

When an air conditioner or furnace is built correctly, it helps to increase your comfort level. We offer you some incredible A/C installation services.

You must contact a qualified HVAC firm. The most efficient way to restore order to your home may be to let a professional handle your system.

Repairing an appliance is worthwhile. Because getting a new one can be expensive. You have to hire experienced appliance fixers.

One of the major problems clients have to face is that their refrigerator does not perform well, gas leakage, or some other problems. We can easily fix this problem.

How We Serve Our Clients

We have proficient staff to serve our clients as they require. We fulfil all the requirements of our clients in a limited time.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    We guarantee the quality of our materials, labor, and craftsmanship. We have completed so many projects for our clients in the best way.

  • 24/7 Availability

    You can find us round the clock. Our motive is to serve our clients whenever they are looking for professional help.

Positive Feedback from Our Satisfied Clients

They fixed my dryer, 10 min after they left same problem, he will not answer my calls, I paid him 120.00 you owe me 120.00
Tom krapp
Tom krapp
B. Tusks and helper was at my house to fix a gas dryer, was in a big hurry, 15 min. After they left same problem, I called bob, he couldn’t come back that day, he said how about tomorrow at noon. I said fine, tomorrow came, no show or no call. Called bob at 2.30 he said he forgot, he said what about tomorrow around 4 pm which was Friday, or Monday, buy this time I was angry, and I let him know, he hung up on me and that’s where at now. I paid him 120.00 cash. I’m retired iron worker, 120.00 means a lot to me.
Colleen Walters
Colleen Walters
I live alone in a apt ..my fridge went down and compressor needed replaced ! I waited 2 weeks for him to come and check my fridge ..he charged me $89.95 to estimate and $700. For the part witch took another 2 wks to come and get it put in ..when he came he told me he could no longer get the original part to my fridge and got a different comparable part instead..I asked him if this part goes since he couldn’t get the original part will I be reimbursed ..he stated yes .!! 4 months later my fridge went down again ..I called him again and he stated that compressor warranty was only good for 30 days !!! Then he was going to charge me again to come out and for a new compressor !! Needless to say I was LIVID …I had now been living out of a cooler for a little over a month..on top of loosing all my food ..then had to spend my time and more money to go buy a new fridge !! I also had to hound him to cash my 2 checks which he held onto for 4 months and constantly had to figure out my checking acct. To make Sure I didnt bounce my acct .due to him and lack of concern !!! I will never send business his way ever ! think twice before you use him ..he works alone ! And doesnt standby his work !!!
Burke O'Toole
Burke O’Toole
Bob answered my call this morning and came out within and hour and charged my A/C unit. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I was very happy with his service and will call him with any future heating or cooling needs!
Alex Taffe
Alex Taffe
Bob knows what he’s talking about and was able to quickly diagnose the problem with my wine fridge for a reasonable price.
Susanne Kruck
Susanne Kruck
Great service,only drawback we were never told they don’t accept any cards.We should have been told that upon making the appointment.
Jen Heflin
Jen Heflin
Bob came out same day and got my freezer/refrigerator up and running in no time, for way less than I thought I was going to pay.
Chrissy S
Chrissy S
Got our 20 year old refrigerator up and running, which we thought we had the replace, but we don’t have to now. Thanks to Bob!
J War
J War
While I was deployed, my wife made the mistake of paying him outright instead of using the home warranty service we have on the house. It has been 5 months now and he still hasn’t talked to the warranty company. They stated all he has to do is call and give them the information about the repair and we would be reimbursed the $800 we are out. He has already been paid and we have talked through phone and text on over 7 different occasions. The guy doesn’t care and seems flaky. There are a lot better people around Pittsburgh to fix stuff around your house. His overall Google rating shows how bad he is. ADDITIONAL RESPONSE – The home warranty stated that all Bob Trusky Appliance’s had to do was call them and they would have reimbursed us the $800 we had paid him when he completed the service. This was too big of a task for him after numerous calls, texts and emails asking him to do so. The Home warranty would not just use the receipt he gave us but also needed him to call them to explain. He never did and this is why we were never paid from the home warranty. His response doesn’t surprise me as he doesn’t have a clue even though I thought it was explained well enough in the first comment
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